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Professional, Trusted, Secure, as a fundamental key in delivering our services to all clients

Full-Service Website...

Software Development team is ready to digitalize Government information system, start from Analysis, Design, Development, domain name registration, hosting, testing, training, Maintenance and Support.

Website Migration...

Technical professional in place to help doing migration old website content and its database from any other web hosting services down to Government web hosting


Our professional officers are ready to pointed out your problem regarding hosting, Development, Government Domain Registration and so on.

Technology from the future

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Government Web Hosting that Managed by ICT Agency TIC TIMOR I.P. offer a promising features to guarantee your business continuity and your data safety .....

Free SSL

Any government registered domain that hosted content here will be secured by SSL.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Government Datacenter guarantee large bandwidth for your site to be access publicly without any limitation

Regular Backup

All hosted content on Government web hosting system will be regularly automatic backed up to the safe backup storage.

Multiple Programing language support

Government web hosting support various types of programing language.

Pre-Installed Apps

Government hosting system provide pre-installed apps, as a widget features that let you quickly build a website.

24X7 Technical support

technical expert will be on line to give you any assistant address to your technical dificulties

We offer web hosting for Government Institutions and other Organs of State with free of charge

Web hosting System and system development fully developed and managed by professional IT Timoroan.